Organic French Roast Fair-Trade Coffee

Organic French Roast Fair-Trade Coffee <BR>(1/2 lb Bag)
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We know that you enjoy waking up in the morning to a rich and dark coffee. A gourmet coffee that is smoky and smooth is the perfect way to get your day going. That's where the French roast comes in! However, we've gone to the next level by providing you with Organic French Roast Fair-Trade Coffee. Grown without the use of artificial chemicals and fertilizers, you know you're drinking an all-natural blend that you can enjoy all the time! You won't want to go without Organic French Roast Fair-Trade Coffee!

The coffees that are used in this French Roast Blend are organic, Fair-Trade coffees. They are delicious and natural, reflecting the natural goodness of the soil and climate from which the Arabica coffee beans come from. You're getting a high-quality coffee that you'll keep coming back to. Order today!