BUNN 2.5L Glass-Lined Airpot

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BUNN 2.5L Glass-Lined Airpot
Looking for the perfect way to keep your favorite gourmet coffee warm for hours? Need something that will easily dispense your coffee without creating a mess? The BUNN 2.5L Glass-Lined Airpot is exactly what you're looking for. This Airpot is ideal for the home or office. Whenever you need a coffee break, the BUNN Airpot will be there for you!

The airpot features an innovative brew-through pump assembly that allows anyone to easily pump out their piping hot coffee with a simple push. Each pump will produce at least four ounces, so you'll get just the right amount of coffee every time you use it.

The glass insulation inside the pot will ensure that your last cup will be just as good as the first. No matter what type of coffee you want, the airpot will keep your freshly roasted coffee tasting great. You'll be able to taste the difference!

Beautifully crafted with a polished sheen and a chrome finish, you'll love having this accessory in your home or office. Order yours today and be one step closer to enjoying the cup of coffee you deserve!